We reward couriers who do many deliveries, so usually every city has daily or weekly bonuses, which you get when you complete the delivery numbers that match the given bonus levels. In addition to the daily and weekly bonuses, you might also receive a bonus for shorter (a few hours) or longer (several months) periods. Bonuses may vary by vehicle or by period (E.g. weekdays, weekends). The bonus is only counted for DROPOFFS in the specified period.


Our bonus tables always show you how much you will earn when you reach a certain level. (So the amounts below that level are not all paid, but only the highest level reached.)

Especially in case of long-term bonuses, the amount is not always visible in the app immediately, as the system must also take into account previous dropoffs, which happens the latest on the night of the last dropoff needed for the bonus. Therefore, if you do not see a bonus given immediately, please be patient until the next day before reporting the problem to us!