The map below shows our delivery area. We have all of our restaurants inside this area and customers can order only here. Please never put yourself online outside of the delivery area! We have marked the points on the map where we have the most restaurants. You can expect the most tasks around these "hot spots". If you do not have an active delivery, please try to get around these locations! If you are on a booked shift and do not return to these locations, your shift booking option may be suspended.




  • Pest downtown: This is the most dense area with a restaurant on almost every corner. Ideal starting point for cyclists and motorcyclists.
  • Széll Kalman tér: Most of our restaurants are located in Mammut. Instructions for pickups by car are available here. 
  • Kolosy tér
  • MOM Park
  • Bartók Béla út

Area restrictions

Our delivery area is huge and there are various locations where we have to do pickups and dropoffs, so we have introduced a number of area restrictions to optimise delivery times. Another aim is to avoid sending couriers to places which are not ideal for their vehicles.

Attention! The restrictions mentioned below do not mean that you will never receive such tasks. In extreme cases, unfortunately, we cannot solve the delivery in any other way, so the system will assign the task to you. If you get such a task, please feel free to notify our support, who will either remove the task from you or confirm that unfortunately there is no other way to resolve the actual delivery. 

Currently, the following restrictions apply:

Maximum distance

The maximum distance between the restaurant and the customer is 5 km in straight line, so that the delivery time is short, the food doesn't get cold and you can also do more tasks in a given timeframe.

Bicycle Restriction

Courier Partners with bicycles will only get tasks in Pest downtown so you won't have to go uphill. Due to this, before you go online, make sure you go to the Pest side! Bicyclists were also banned from the Pest side beyond Hungária körút to avoid long returning times to the city center.


Car Restriction

Car drivers are blocked for tasks within the "Kiskörút" and for Király Street as they are usually not accessible by car. In addition, there may be temporary bans in Pest along the "Nagykörút" to Rákóczi út in case of high traffic. This usually lasts until 6 pm on weekdays.

Areas where you can get extra task fees for pickups and dropoffs are also marked on the map below. You can read more about them over here.


Restrictions for motorbikes

A motorbike is the most flexible vehicle in the city of Budapest, but you may not be able to get everywhere. For example, if you have a scooter with a small engine (50cc), you might have a problem with the steep slopes. If you want, we can block you from these locations, just notify customer service. However if you can handle these, you also get an extra +100 HUF on the hills for pickups and dropoffs.