In recent months, everyday life has changed and with it, food ordering habits have also changed. The number of orders during lunch (placed between 10:30 and 13:30) increased significantly, while demand at dinner fell short of this.

The daily bonus system, which accounts for a significant proportion of payouts (15-20%), has so far helped those who have been online all day, as much as possible. In the past, lunch and dinner were similarly busy: lunch was more intense but shorter, dinner a little less intense, yet longer, so in both periods one could earn well with daily bonuses if one took a break in the afternoon. Now this has changed somewhat: lunch has become very intensified and focused on a similarly short period, while dinner has not grown as much. Because of this, if you try to collect daily bonuses, it could be very difficult for you after lunch, as the others will deliver at the same time and ultimately everyone will get fewer deliveries, so it's harder for you to reach the goal bonus level and you and spend more time online unnecessarily.

Because of the above, we reshaped  the payment model so that it motivates couriers in proportion to what demand is just demanding, so that not everyone is online during less busy periods. Meanwhile, anyone who really wants to work should be able to do more deliveries even in slightly less busy periods.

We do not want to increase efficiency by signing more couriers. “There are fewer lions than many rabbits,” the saying about heroes holds. The currently contracted, professional couriers (i.e. you too) are important to us and we want you to stay with us.

At Wolt, high number of deliveries have always been a priority, and this will not be a different case. Anyone who is skillful and takes a lot of deliveries in a unit of time can earn a lot.

From 1st of August, we have introduced a new payment model on a test basis:

  • The basic amount of tak fee remains, so there is still 400 HUF for deliveries and 100 HUF / km distance fee (calculated per 500 m) for deliveries longer than 1.5 km - so exactly the same as the amount paid by customers for orders.
  • At lunchtime and dinner, there will be extra amounts for the deliveries, so the total title fee will be higher: at lunchtime, instead of the normal 400-900 HUF delivery fee, 600-1100 HUF / car or motorbike, 550-1050 HUF / bicycle. See the tables below for a detailed description of the lunch and dinner periods.
  • Daily bonuses will be discontinued.

The new system will be introduced on a test basis for an indefinite period. As ordering habits change, we will continue to be flexible and, as before, will ask for your feedback.

Modified base fees on weekdays:

Modified base fees on weekends:

The periods


(Time of pickup counts!)

Lunch time: 10:30 to 13:30

Dinner: 17: 00-20:00


(Recording time counts!)

Lunch time: 11:00 to 14:00

Dinner: 16: 30-20:00

Important: The part over HUF 400, so you will always receive the + 50-150-200 HUF surcharges for the pickups. That’s why it’s worth go online around 10 a.m. on weekdays so that you can be the first to pick up the orders for that day’s lunch from 10:30 a.m.