Currently the No Contact Deliveries (NCD) are turned off for customers by default. 

In case a customer chooses NCD option during his/her delivery, then please pay attention to the following for being efficient and successful:

  1. To find the correct address:
  • Read the full information in the information field at the customer’s address. You can do this by clicking on blue plus sign next to the NO-CONTACT DELIVERY text. If you can't understand it, don't hesitate to use Google Translate or ask the customer support to translate it for you.
  • Always make sure you leave the food in the right place (in the right building, right staircase and right floor and door).
  • Never leave the food just somewhere unless you are 100% sure you are in the right place!
  • If there is anything that unclear about the address or where to place the order, please call the customer!
  • Only contact the customer support if you have completed all of the above and have any remaining questions.

2. Once you have arrived at the address and identified the customer’s door:

  • Place the order in front of the door
  • Call the customer or knock gently and step back 2 meters
  • If you can’t reach the customer, make sure to TAKE A PICTURE of where you placed the order before you go

3. If the customer comes out, then:

  • Put the bag to the ground, open it and place the order on the top of it
  • Step back 2 meters and ask to take the order out of the bag

!!Very important: If the customer can’t find the order, we’ll ask for the picture you made. If the picture is missing or it is impossible to identify the customer’s entrance it might have consequences.

Please help to ensure that all contactless deliveries run smoothly, especially because these rules are also for your protection!