High volumes of tasks have always been a high priority at Wolt. The most skillful ones can take many tasks thus they can earn a lot.

  • From May 1, we will introduce a new payment model on a test basis.
    The basic task fee remains, so there is still a HUF 500 fee for deliveries and a +200 HUF / km distance fee (calculated per 500 m) for addresses longer than 1.5 km - so you get exactly the same amount as the customers pay for the orders.
  • At lunchtime and dinner, there will be extra pickup fees after the tasks, so the total total task fee will be higher: instead of the normal 500-1000 HUF task fee at lunch time, 800-1400 HUF by car or motorbike, 750-1200 HUF by bicycle will be paid per task. Please see the tables below for a detailed description of the lunch and dinner periods.
  • Daily bonuses will be discontinued.

The new system will be introduced on a test basis for an indefinite period of time. As ordering habits change (eg due to loosening lockdown measures), we will continue to be flexible and, as before, will ask for your feedback.

- The new base fees:

- The surge periods:


(Time of pickup counts!)
Lunchtime: 10:30-13:30
Dinner time: 18:00-21:00


(Time of pickup counts!)
Lunchtime: 11:00-15:00
Dinner time: 18:00-21:30

Important: The extra part (100-150-200-300 HUF) over the 500 HUF is a pickup fee, meaning that they will be added to your earnings at the time of the pickup! That’s why it’s worth putting yourself online around 10 a.m. on weekdays so that you can be the first to pick up the tasks for that day’s lunch from 10:30 a.m.