As we said at the courier introduction and you signed in your contract, you need to make sure that no more than two weeks elapse between your two deliveries. Otherwise, Wolt is entitled to terminate the service agreement with you.

After two weeks of inactivity, our system will send an automated reminder email to the email address associated with your courier profile.

The system will send warning messages even after weeks 3 and 4 of inactivity. If you do not resume delivery or return your equipment to Wolt after your 4th week of inactivity, you must pay the amount included in your contract and signed, according to the deposit table:

This is necessary so that we can clean it up and, if necessary, hand it out to someone who could use it immediately.

If you see that you are expected to take a break for more than 2 weeks or are forced to take a break (even because of an accident) please make sure you return the equipment to us. You can also ask someone else to give it back on your behalf. However, the process varies from city to city:


Contact and opening hours of our laundry partner:

Information on how to return your gear in cities outside of Budapest can be found in the City Information section!