What is all this, why is it needed?

Within the Agency model, Wolt provides a platform and acts as an intermediary between couriers, restaurants, and customers. We have switched to this model in order to give our courier partners even more freedom by billing not directly to us but to customers directly and to comply even more with the regulations in force. In practice, this means that the invoice containing the delivery fee will be issued to the customer, while the invoice containing the various bonuses and other compensations will be issued to Wolt.

Who is affected by the changes?

Every courier partner that is a sole entrepreneur, working through a partner company, or as an employee of a sole entrepreneur.

I am a sole entrepreneur with VAT, does the contract amendment apply to me?

Yes, the amendment applies to all sole entrepreneurs, whether KATA (small taxpayer) or with VAT.

Who is NOT affected by the changes?

The contract modification does NOT apply to those working through student or pensioner cooperatives.

I didn’t sign the contract amendment until March 31, but I want to work. What to do?

The deadline for signing the contract amendment is 31 March 2021 at 24:00. If you sign the contract amendment by this date, you will be able to continue deliveries without interruption.

If you do not sign the contract by the date given above, your current contract will expire at midnight on 01.04.2021 and you will not be able to continue deliveries after the new contract is signed until the start of the next payment cycle!

If you do not sign the amendment by March 31, in the absence of a valid contract, your legal relationship with Wolt Magyarország Kft. will be terminated and you will not be able to cooperate with us until you have remedied the deficiency.

I do not want to continue working with Wolt under these conditions, what to do?

In this case, you must drop off your gear at a location and manner appropriate to your delivery city by March 31 at the latest. You have nothing else to do, your contract will automatically expire on April 1st. If you later decide that you want to deliver, please contact customer service and we will activate your profile after signing the new contract and receiving the gear.

How will the billing and payment process change?

Delivery fees (task payments) are no longer invoiced by couriers to Wolt, but directly to customers. This means that instead of the previous 2 invoices per month, we issue 1 invoice per order in the name of the courier, as an agent invoice, automatically. The schedule and frequency of payments do not change, we pay the task fees and distance fees collected in the given period 2 times a month.

So from now on, I have to give customers an invoice from an invoice block?

No, invoices will continue to be issued automatically, electronically, and you will not need an invoice block.

Will customers see my billing information (name, location, tax number)?

Yes, because it is mandatory to include this information on the invoice, customers will see it on the invoice.

Will I see the billing information of the customers (name, address) on the invoice?

Yes, as these are mandatory on the invoice. However, it is still forbidden to misuse the customer’s data, if we experience this, it will result in immediate termination.

What happens if a customer pays with credits, uses a token, or orders from a restaurant with free delivery?

In such a case, Wolt will reimburse the delivery fee. If the customer does not pay for the delivery, the invoice will be issued to the customer but Wolt will pay the standard task and distance fee.

What is the marketing fee?
If the customer pays fewer delivery fees than would be due to the Courier Partner according to the applicable fee schedule, Wolt will pay the difference as a ‘marketing fee’.

What about the bonuses, scheduled hour fees, etc.?

Bonuses, as before, are billed to Wolt by self-billing, payouts do not change, we pay once every two weeks the amount collected over a two-week period.

Should all invoices be posted?

No, at the end of each period, we send you a summary of the invoices for that period, based on which you or your accountant can post the revenue and the accounts can be used for analytical purposes.

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