Heavy orders which do not reach the threshold for a large order fleet.

In addition to restaurant orders, you are already delivering more and more orders to our customer's home from our various retail partners. Although development is in progress, unfortunately the system is not yet able to categorize by weight. For this reason, it decides on the basis of a value limit whether it is a high-value order and allocates it to a car/scooter/bicycle courier accordingly.

Ideally, stores will see at the time of preparation if an order requires car delivery and will also indicate this to customer service so that the appropriate courier can pick up the order. Unfortunately, it can happen that the system will assign low-value but heavy orders to couriers with scooters or bicycles. If you go through the items that you see this to be the case, you may decide that you do not want to deliver them. In this case, write to our support and the order will be taken from you. The same goes if you perceive the problem at the store. If you see that you cannot deliver the heavy order, feel free to write to the support team and they will take it off you.

The carrying capacity of the bicycle/scooter bag is about 6-8 kg so that's why they are not suitable for heavy orders.

As mentioned, the weight limit integration is in progress, but it takes time. That is why we want to ask everyone for more patience until we can solve this.

Thank you for your patience and perseverance.