Unlike other cities in Pécs, we do not have a laundry partner, you can return your gear to us with the help of a parcel point system if you temporarily or permanently stop using Wolt. Here's how you can use Packeta's packet from our partner:

If you just take a longer break, but then continue to deliver, you have the option to keep the gear. In this case, please email us at partnershungary@wolt.com so we can discuss the details.

It is important that the deposit is not returned to your profile in this case, but the return is much faster than requesting new gear.

However, if you want to return your gear, follow the procedure below:

- Check what you need to return: You can find the deposit list at woltfutarok.com/kaucio. What is not listed here does not need to be returned to us. You can keep them as a memory of your Wolt days. (T-shirts, hats, jerseys, masks, car magnets etc.)

- Put the equipment to be returned in the delivery bag, then place it in an approx. In a 45 * 45 * 45 cm box. (This is the outer size of the bike bag, a smaller box is enough for a car bag.)

- Report the contents of the sent package to us using the form below: https://wolt.me/hun/sendgearback

- Find a delivery point you like on the map: https://www.packeta.hu/atvevohelyek

- If you download the Packeta application, you must select the return menu after logging in. Then enter the code 98575567 and you will receive a password.

- If you bring the package to a package point, it is enough to say this password and the label will be printed on the package immediately. From here, the package goes back to us.

- If you do not download the app, refer to the following code on the package point: 98575567

- Once you have delivered the package, you have nothing to do as soon as it arrives, we will check its contents and refund the deposit to your profile.