You can return the gear to our laundry partner in Szolnok:

Name of the laundry: Tibor Patyolat

Address: 5000 Szolnok, Felső Szandai rét 1. (It is inside Auchan, amongst the shops.)

Opening hours:

From Monday until Saturday 9:00-16:30

You don't need to register or sign up for a time slot, you can just show up in these time periods, and they will be happy to help you.

If you want to change your gear, the laundry can change the bags, if you need to change other gear, or you need some new gear please write to! 

Please only return gear from the gear-deposit list, which you will find here:

Please take extra care regarding the following: 

  • To enter the laundry shop, a facemask is mandatory! 
  • Check the pockets! 
  • Only visit the shop at the given times, else they won't serve you.