Here are som common questions and answers about the agency model invoicing:

The invoice does not match the amount in the application:

Due to the intermediary model, the invoices are received in 2 installments:

1 invoice for the amount issued to Wolt

as many invoices as there were deliveries in the given period: the invoices are received in a zip file, the maximum zip file containing 250 invoices per e-mail.

The sum of the two will give you the amount of the referral you earned in that period

Do I have to keep a revenue record as a KATA?

Yes, you have to keep one. To do this, you can use the above excel aggregator from NAV Online.

I have VAT, but it is less gross than it would be:

Since the agency model, we don't add extra VAT to the tip because it's tax-free income, so you don't have to pay VAT afterwards either

I found a deduction the day after closing: “Overdraft due to large deduction”

There is a separate article, click here.

It occurs in new people who did not exceed the HUF 20,000 deposit until the end of the cycle, but we have to transfer the amount invoiced to the customers, so they receive more than the transfer would have been due to their balance. The difference will be deducted the day after closing.

Customer invoices do not include taxpayer status:

Invoices issued before June really don’t show whoever is a taxpayer. We will fix these in retrospect, already listed from June.

The invoice is in another language:

NAV accepts invoices issued in any live language.

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