Between 16th of August and 31rd of December 2021, we are running an Autumn bonus. It goes as the following:

In each city, there are 4 stages, and for each stage, you get a bonus, so the more tasks you complete, the more bonus you get!

For the steps and bonuses applicable to your city, visit and choose your city!


Does it renew every month?

NO, the bonus lasts for over 4 months, it's not a monthly bonus.

How much money do I get for each step?

For the first step, you get the amount written on the newsletter. For each next step you will get the difference of the sum written in the step, and the previous step (so, for example if the first step is 10.000 Ft, and the second is 30.000 Ft, you will get 20.000 Ft once you have completed the second step).

When will I get the bonus?

You will get each amount for each step once you have completed that step. So, for example if you complete the first step in the first half of September, you will get the first bonus with you regular payment period (until 25th September). If you complete the second step in the second half of October, you will get the second bonus with your regular payment period (until 10th November) and so on.

I have a question that is not responded here!

Please turn to us at, we will be happy to answer it!