Since March, the number of people on Wolt’s waiting list has increased significantly. Since several of you have already mentioned that you would like to recommend one or some of your friends as a courier, we decided to revive the referral system. 

If you have a friend you would like to refer because of their previous experience or skills, enter their name and email address HERE (which they used already to apply at or through the Wolt Partner app) or briefly describe why you consider him / her suitable (eg. previous courier experience, good city knowledge, experience in the hospitality industry, good communication skills, etc.) for the task.


In order to become a Wolt courier partner, the people on the list must go through exactly the same selection process as any other applicant.

Those on the list are not automatically placed at the top of the queue, but what is described will be taken into account during the assessment.

Watch out!

Only give your name to someone you would put your hand in a fire for. If he puts bad wood on the fire, you might burn yourself too.