As a courier partner, you have two different types of delivery modes which you can choose in the CP App.

Single Task Mode

  • Only one order at a time (So you have a pickup task followed by a dropoff task. Always)
  • You cant book any scheduled hours for yourself, you only earn money on task completion.
  • You can go online and offline anytime you desire.
  • You are able to accept or reject incoming tasks by yourself.

Bundle Mode

  • You have the possibility to earn more by delivering orders simultaneously.
  • You can book scheduled hours, ensuring a guaranteed minimum income.
  • You can plan your day and set a time to go offline manually.
  • If you have an incoming task, you can't reject it yourself, but you have to ask our support to reject it for you.

How to change this setting in the Courier Partner App: 

Important: You can switch yourself to a different mode only when you are OFFLINE: