You might find a deduction in the app, saying "Overdraft due to large deduction".

Here is what it means:

If for some reason, we deduct a larger amount (for example because of mixed up orders or gear deposit), we can only deduct it from your earnings that are invoiced to Wolt. From May 1, we are operating under the agency model, which means, that most of your earnings are invoiced directly to the customers (base delivery fee + distance fee), and only a small part is invoiced to Wolt (such as bonuses, deposit, compensation for scheduled hours etc).

Because of the agency model, we have to pay all the income that you invoiced to the customers (payout only happens if your total balance is positive). If the earnings from Wolt are lower than the deduction, we place a reserve for the remaining amount, which will be deducted from your next payment.

In this case, you will receive more than the amount seen in the application when making the transfer, and the difference will therefore be deducted afterward. No invoice will be issued to Wolt, you will only receive the customer invoices and their amount upon transfer.

Example with gear deposit:

  • We deducted HUF 20.000 (earnings from Wolt)
  • You earned HUF 15.000 with bonuses, scheduled hours guarantee, etc (earnings from Wolt)
  • You earned HUF 25.000 from customers (earnings from customers)
  • Your balance is what you see in the app: -20.000+(15.000+25.000)=20.000
  • But: -20.000 (deposit)+15.000(other earnings from Wolt)= -5.000. This is your earnings towards Wolt, but we don't issue invoices in this case when the amount is negative. Instead of the HUF 20.000 you see in the application, you will receive HUF 25.000 (the amount of customer invoices) in the payment. You will see the HUF 5.000 as a deduction at the beginning of the next period.

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