Dunakeszi has the payment model BUDAPEST.
The basic task fee remains, so there is still a HUF 500 fee for deliveries and a +200 HUF / km distance fee (calculated per 500 m) for addresses longer than 1.5 km.

At lunchtime and dinner, there will be extra pickup fees after the tasks, so the total task fee will be higher.

Please see the tables below for a detailed description of the lunch and dinner periods.

The base fees:

Base feeBicycleCar/Motorcycle
Normal500 HUF500 HUF
Lunch750 HUF800 HUF
Dinner600 HUF650 HUF

The surge periods:

Weekdays from Monday to Friday

(Time of pickup counts!)
Lunch: 10.30 AM to 1.30 PM
Dinner: 6 PM to 9 PM


(Time of pickup counts!)
Lunch: 11 AM to 3 PM
Dinner: 6 PM to 9.30 PM 

Important: so you will always receive the + (100-150-250-300 HUF) surcharges at the time of pick up. For this reason, it's a good idea to put yourself online around the start of the bonus period so that you can be the first to pick up the deliveries for that day's lunch/dinner period.