Important information about the partner company:

- The following are considered partner companies: Kft, Bt, individual enterprise of another person

- We can contract with a maximum of 2 people through a partner company, so choose a partner company from which we have maximum 1 contracted partner

- Commitment in all cases as required by law (the responsibility lies with the partner company and you)

In the case of Kft and Bt:

- you can sign as an employee, member, managing director, company owner

- the partner company must also have an appropriate range of activities (5320 - other postal and courier activities)

- signature copy must be uploaded (provided by partner company)

For sole proprietorships:

- you can sign as an employee (even with a daily employment) or as a commissioner (provided that the conditions prescribed by law are met)

- they must have the appropriate TEÁOR number (532005 - Food Delivery)