If you are a sole entrepreneur with kata taxation and and also planning to continue to be so after 1 September, then 

  • You will no longer be able to deliver through the Wolt platform after 31st August,
  • You should return your courier gears until 15th August at the latest
  • You should not make any deliveries through the Wolt platform after returning your gears. This way you can make sure that the gear deposit will be returned in August and you won’t have invoices from Wolt in September. 

The method and the lead time to return courier gears differs based on the city you deliver in. Please make sure and inform yourself about your todos by clicking on the button below. 


If you fail to keep any of the requirements above, you risk keeping the kata taxation of your sole entrepreneurship 


If I become a GTR sole entrepreneur, do the accountants have to deal with every single invoice? Will the cost of accountants go up due to all the invoices? If so, why doesn't Wolt switch to the old invoicing system?


The accounting of invoices for sole entrepreneurs with GTR taxation does not mean that accountants have to deal with each invoice issued to customers. Based on several accountant partners' consultation, the summary invoices prepared and sent out at the end of the two-week periods will still be enough for the accountants to deal with all the administration. 

The customer invoices that are generated right after the deliveries will continue to be automatically stored in the NAV online system. Thereby no change in our invoicing system is necessary. So when we talk about an increase in the administrative costs, it is not because of the volume of invoices for couriers.
Rather, it is 

  • the significant structural change in the accounting industry, 
  • the fact that the capacity currently available to them is below what will be needed to ensure a smooth transition, 
  • and the monthly returns and extra work involved in the GTR  taxation that will determine the price increase

What happens in the second half of August and at the end of the month? Can I deliver? 


Based on our tax experts, if you are currently making deliveries with kata taxation through the Wolt platform and would like to continue after the 1st of September with another taxation form, you will be able to make deliveries throughout August without any problem. If you only change your taxation form after the 1st of September but continue in the same business, you can continue to deliver without any pause.

In the meantime, you will of course have to deal with the administrative tasks associated with the transition, but you don't need to worry about any issues arising with Wolt and invoicing. 

The summary invoice for the period 16-31 August will also have a date of issue and completion date of 31 August 2022, so that amount will still count as income for your kata tax form.