From 10.15. 2022., in Budapest (meaning Budapest Central, Észak-Pest and Dél-Pest), heavy orders are automatically compensated, and the system for high value (large) orders has changed. The current system is the following: 

If an order is over 8 kg, and its value reaches 40 000 HUF, you will get a compensation for BOTH the value and the weight. 


  • Order weight: 42kg - extra 2000ft

  • The value of the order: HUF 50,000 - an extra HUF 1,000

  • = HUF 3000 extra compensation in addition to the delivery fee!!!

If you make deliveries on a bicycle or a motorcycle, but you would like to take orders between 8-20 kg, you can make a request on this form:


Initially, there might be orders that, although light, will be treated as heavy by the system and will be charged extra, or vice versa. If you notice that this happened, please contact the support in the app so that they can forward the issue to the right team, and fill out this form so we can revise the compensation:

                                                             COMPENSATION REQUEST

If you are interested in the heavy order fleet, you can apply via the following link:


Support does not handle compensations for heavy orders, revision is only available through the form