Online invoicing (NAV) registration

Modified on Fri, 30 Jun 2023 at 03:36 PM

If you work through Wolt as a sole-entrepreneur, your invoices that are issued to Wolt are issued every 2 weeks by self-invoicing, so you don’t have to bother with invoicing. Our internal invoicing system automatically creates invoices after each payment cycle and sends them to you (or, if you have set them up, directly to your accountant) via email.

From July 1, 2020, all issued invoices must be submitted into NAV's online system immediately through an API, so we will prepare our invoicing system for this task.

IMPORTANT: From May 1, only those couriers can complete delivery tasks who have a valid NAV online invoice connection!

In order for us to submit the invoices to NAV's online system on your behalf, your help is also required!

To create API keys, please follow the steps below (if you already registered to the NAV online invoice system, skip the first step, just log in and create a new technical user):

  1. Registration

    1. Go to the NAV online invoice system page:

    2. Click on the ‘Login’ field

    3. Read the privacy policy

    4. Click on the ‘Registration by taxpayers obliged to supply data’ field

    5. Log in with your ‘Ügyfélkapu’ account

    6. Complete the registration: enter your personal details and your 10-digit tax identification number

    7. Select whether it is a business organization or sole entrepreneurship (individual)

    8. If the right of representation is tested successfully, the previously selected username will be displayed, and then a password must be entered and confirmed

    9. Then enter your email address, phone number, and contact language

    10. After successful registration, the main page will be displayed


  1. Creating a new technical user

    1. Go to the ‘Felhasználók/Users’ page

    2. Select ‘Új felhasználó/New user’ then click on ‘Technikai felhasználó/Technical user’

    3. To finalize the addition of a technical user, enter any password

    4. Check ‘Számlák kezelése/Manage invoices’ and ‘Számlák lekérdezése/Query invoices’ 

    5. Click on the ‘Mentés/Save’ button and the technical username will be created automatically

    6. Click the ‘Kulcsgenerálás/Key Generation’ button at the bottom of the ‘Részletek/Details’ tab to create the ‘XML aláíró/signing and ‘XML csere/replacement key’


  1. Submitting data

    1. Go to the ‘Online számla adatbekérő’ page:

    2. Fill out your details

    3. Use ‘Ctrl c & ctrl v’ to copy the technical username, the specified password, the ‘XML aláíró/signing, and XML csere/replacement key’



ATTENTION: we cannot accept the registration data of an existing online account (the registration data of számlá and other invoicing programs are incorrect). You definitely need to create a new technical user and submit its details!

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