For every hour spent online, you will be credited 1000 HUF if you complete at least 15 deliveries in a given week (between Monday opening and Sunday closing).

Other conditions:

Time spent online

  • The time spent online is not rounded up or down, so fractional hours and minutes count.

  • Make sure you keep an eye on the app during this time, as it may try to take you offline due to inactivity.

Acceptance rate

  • It is very important that you accept as many of the tasks that appear in the app as possible, because the acceptance rate also counts towards the bonus amount.

  • If the weekly acceptance rate is lower than 75%, the current weekly bonus amount will not be credited!


  • In order to receive the online bonus amount, you must be located in a central location within the delivery area, as close as possible to the restaurant partners. The map below can help you with this.

  • You are eligible for the bonus if you spend at least 80% of your weekly online time in this zone.

  • If you leave the zone because of a delivery, or return from a delivery , it will be detected by the system and no deduction will be made.


  • The bonus is always based on the total weekly performance. The bonus amount will be credited in one amount after the end of the week, i.e. during the following week.

  • Jakab Gipsz was online from Monday to Sunday, at any time, for a total of 42.25 hours. During this time, he accepted and completed 35 out of 40 tasks (87.5% acceptance rate). 90% of the time spent online was spent within the on-call zone.

The amount is credited according to the following formula:

(42.25x1000)x0.875= 36.968 HUF

(The map above is NOT the delivery zone, but the standby zone!)