How can I complete the online bonus in Cegléd?

Modified on Tue, 19 Dec 2023 at 02:56 PM

Time spent online 
Time spent online counts as any time you spend set yourself online in the app and waiting for tasks. Be very careful to keep an eye on the app during this time, as you may find that inactivity will cause the system to try to take you offline. The time spent online will not be rounded up or down, so fractional hours and minutes will count.

Acceptance rate 
It's very important that you accept as many of the tasks that appear in the app as possible, because the acceptance rate will also count towards the bonus amount. So it is not a good idea to spend your time online without accepting some of the tasks, as this may result in you losing your online bonus eligibility. 
ATTENTION! If the weekly acceptance rate is lower than 75%, the current weekly bonus amount will not be credited!

In order to receive the online bonus amount, you must be in a frequented location within the delivery area, as close as possible to the restaurant partners. The map below can help you with this.
ATTENTION! Proper placement should account for at least 80% of the time spent online. 

The hours spent online will be charged separately, based on a weekly time period (Monday opening to Sunday closing)... This will be 1000 HUF per hour, provided that the above conditions are fully met. The bonuses will be calculated automatically each week and credited on the Monday following the Monday of completion. (Of course, all delivery charges will be credited immediately.)

An example:
James the Plasterer was online from Monday to Sunday at any time. This adds up to 21.26 hours. During this time, he accepted and completed 16 out of 18 tasks (88.88% acceptance rate). 90% of the time spent online was spent in the standby zone bell.
The amount will be credited according to the simple formula below:
(21.26x1000)x0.8888=18.896 Ft 

(The map above is NOT the delivery zone, but the standby zone!)

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