What are the benefits of being a Wolt Prime member?

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The highest guaranteed minimum pay ever
Stability you can count on, every week.

We aim to compensate high, consistent performance with high, consistent earnings. The main benefits of membership are the scheduled hours and the guaranteed minimum earnings provided during these hours. This is mutually beneficial, as predictability is important for both you and us. Thanks to scheduled hours, we will know exactly when we can count on consistently high-performing couriers, and in return, we provide guaranteed minimum earnings to make it worth going online even on days when the app isn't buzzing with orders.

There will be three different pay tiers, each with a different guaranteed minimum amount. More on this in a later section.

  • Basic: 3250 HUF/hour

  • Extra: 3500 HUF/hour

  • Super Extra: 3750 HUF/hour

Exclusive Wolt Prime gear
Because it's not enough to be good, you have to look good too!

The special group deserves special equipment. Upon joining, you will receive uniquely designed patches and stickers to make it clear from the outside that you belong to the best!

Free equipment replacement
Fresh gear, peak performance!

As a Prime member, after completing a certain number of deliveries, you will have the opportunity to replace your used equipment (bag, clothing) for free.

Testing new equipment
Test the future, drive the change!

Wolt Prime members have the unique opportunity to try out new, yet-to-be-released equipment. Who better to know what the perfect gear is than the best of the best? Help us choose the best versions!

Dedicated email address to our operations team
Questions? Ideas? Feedback? We're interested in everything!

Wolt Prime members will have a dedicated email address to contact our operations team, where we strive to answer all questions and listen to every idea and feedback!

Roundtable discussions
Share your opinion, shape our future!

We organize dedicated quarterly roundtable discussions for Wolt Prime members, where we listen to all feedback, both positive and negative, to build a better platform and program together. (And we’ll even serve breakfast.)

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