At the Wolt office, you can take over only bags and jackets. Also keep in mind the following important rules that you must follow in all cases:

  1. You will only be able to enter the office after booking an appointment. You can get the link for that from the customer support in the courier app. 

  2. There are 5-minute slots for the pick-up, so arrive on time and be fast, don't ask for extra stuff! We will not allow you to enter before and after the appointment.

  3. The equipment prepared for you to take on the table / shelf in front of the entrance. Take only the equipment tagged with your name!

  4. We serve only one person at a time. While you are inside, please wait outside!

  5. IMPORTANT! You will only be able to pick up equipment if you do not have a bag or jacket or one that has become unusable and therefore you are unable to deliver. We do not provide equipment for the reason that you do not like the particular model of clothes / bag you have!

  6. During this short time time, you will not be able to handle any administrative thing or ask for anything during the slot.