The map below shows our delivery area. We have all of our restaurants inside this area and customers can order only here. Please never put yourself online outside of the delivery area! We have marked the points on the map where we have the most restaurants. You can expect the most tasks around these "hot spots". If you do not have an active delivery, please try to get around these locations!

Pécs area restrictions

If the location of the drop-off is in the city centre (red zone), the system always tries to assign the task to a bicycle courier first, but at the same time avoids assigning to a car courier.
Also, if the location of the pick-up is inside the red zone, and the system can't find a free bicycle courier, it will try to assign it to a car courier who has a local Drive-in permit from us.

If there is a drop-off or pick-up task in the area marked with yellow, the system will always try to send a car driver so that our bicycle couriers don't have to go very far from downtown or make very steep climbs in the mountains.