At Pólus Center our partners have 3 different locations, for which it is possible to stop at 3 different locations so that the order can be picked up at the given partner as quickly as possible, which are marked by the cubes in the picture.

The Pólus Center map below shows the partners and their locations. The fastest access for partners in the restaurant area is via the parking lot facing the ice rink (see below). In the case of external and TESCO partners, it is worth using the car parks closer to them.

"Parkolás" = Parking option

TESCO area: Döner Kebab

Foodtruck external site (TESCO side):  (front) Lepény és Pont, Extra Chicken Kft- Pólus, 

(the right side of the building) ZING

Lepény és Pont, Extra Chicken Kft at the first entrance on the TESCO side


Restaurant Partners can be reached most quickly at the back entrance via the ice rink parking lot: