If you don't want to operate your own company or sole entrepreneurship, or you can't join us through a student or pensioner cooperative, then you have the opportunity to become a courier through Fleet Partners too. In the case of becoming a courier through a Fleet Partner, you sign your contract with the company providing the delivery service, not with Wolt. You will need to contact these companies yourself and negotiate the terms and conditions and recruitment processes with them.

Below you will find the contact details of our currently active Fleet Partners:

Courier Support Kft.

Email address: courier2022allasok@gmail.com 

Phone number: +36303220767

BohhDelivery Kft.

Email address: bohhdelivery@gmail.com 

Phone number: +36703247728 / +36303967274

Proage Kft.

Email address: proagegroup@gmail.com 

Phone number: +36309756553

Entrepeneur Property Kft.

Email address: entrepeneurpropertykft@gmail.com

Phone Number: +36302129127

Entrega Hungary Kft.

Email address: entrega@entrega.hu

Phone Number: +36305409968

WTF - Wan Top Futár Kft.
Application: Monday - Friday 10am til 5pm
Email address: hr@wanfutar.hu
Phone Number: +36204004054