Payouts and Invoicing

Information related to accounting

When does Wolt issue payouts?
From 1 November 2023, there will be four payments every month. The four payment cycles are as follows:  Cycle 1: every month 1-7. Cycle 2: every month 8-...
Tue, Oct 31, 2023 at 1:29 PM
How can I register the invoicing software?
The information below is given only for information so please contact with your accountant or with NAV (NTA- National Tax Authority) about legislation in fo...
Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 2:24 PM
My invoice is wrong, what to do?
In case you are a sole-entrepreneur, your invoices are issued using the data you submitted during your registration process. However, if you have any proble...
Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 10:22 AM
My payment hasn't arrived
We'll transfer the money to the bank account number that you provided when you joined. (We also sent you a confirmation email with the details you provi...
Tue, Oct 31, 2023 at 1:28 PM
Deposit refund
We will charge a deposit of HUF 20,000 for the basic equipment, which will be deducted from your balance.  Once you have terminated the work and handed ...
Tue, Oct 31, 2023 at 1:36 PM
Deduction / refund of deposit
As the deposit is not part of the income, it is not included in the invoice. So when you start delivering The amount of the payment will be HUF 20,0...
Thu, May 23, 2024 at 2:48 PM