We pay twice every month.

The system closes the payment period on the 16th of each month and on the first day of the month and summarizes the deliveries and earnings of the previous two weeks. They will then be paid within 10 days, by the 25th of the month and the 10th of the following month. (If it falls on a weekend or a holiday, we pay before that.)

So we always pay twice in every month:

  • that you earned between the 1st and the 15th will be paid by the 25th 
  • that you earned between 16th and 31st will be paid by the 10th 

The bank transfer will be made to the bank account number that you provided when you signed the contract, so please make sure to provide us the correct bank account number.

It is important to know that the date of receipt of the invoice and the date of actual payment may differ.

Payments are always made according to the above schedule, and we cannot deviate from it. If you do not have a direct contract with Wolt, but with a partner company or student association, you may ask them about your payment.