We will charge a deposit of HUF 20,000 for the basic equipment, which will be deducted from your balance. 

Once you have terminated the work and handed over your equipment in full, we will credit the deposit to your balance. It is important to know that the deposit will not arrive in your account immediately but within 10 days of the current payment cycle.

For example: if you drop off your equipment on March 14th, we will still credit you and include your deposit in the payment cycle that ends on March 15th, so you will receive your deposit back by March 25th. Credit can only be made on business days. 

Pursuant to the contract, we will only make any payment on the basis of a valid invoice or a document subject to consideration with the invoice. This requires that your business has a valid tax number. Once you have completely terminated your business, we will not be able to initiate any payments.

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