If you will receive your courier equipment, on the day of handover, we will charge a deposit of HUF 20000HUF for the courier equipment starter package.

This way, your balance visible in statistics and payouts in the courier application will be -20000 HUF.

As soon as you return the courier equipment, because you finish the work or take a longer break in delivering, we will add 20000HUF to your balance, but only if you return the equipment free of defects resulting from improper use. If you return courier equipment broken, a deposit reduced by the LIST PRICE of the given equipment will be added to your balance.

Practical example: if you return a car heating bag (which has a list price of 12000HUF) broken, when you return the equipment, we will only add 8000HUF to your balance.


After November 2, 2020, you can only receive or replace new courier equipment if you have signed our new contract. You have already received email notifications from us about this in several rounds.

When you receive your equipment, we will deduct  20000HUF from your current balance (even if you do not have that much on your balance). You will receive this amount back when you drop off your equipment upon completion of work or a longer break, but only if you return your courier equipment to us free of defects due to improper use. If you are unable to settle with one piece of equipment or return it broken, we can only credit the amount reduced by the LIST PRICE of that piece of equipment to your balance at the time of gear drop-off.

Practical example: if you return a car heating bag (which has a list price of  12000HUF) broken or you are unable to return it at all, we can only add  8000HUF of the deducted HUF 20000HUF when you finish work or take a longer break.

If, due to improper use, a replacement is required or you simply want more of that equipment, that piece will be available at a list price (deducted from your balance in the same way).

You can always reach the list prices at the following liken:

Exceptions due to improper use and wear and tear, even after deducting the deposit, we will replace defective parts free of charge.

Amounts relating to items that are still subject to a deposit (taxi sign, motorcycle box, etc.) will be deducted and added independently of the above, as before.