First and foremost, all you have to do after your successful application, is to register to Y Diák Iskolaszövetkezet. You can do this on the following link:, through clicking/tapping on the registration button. 

Secondly, you have to fill the from given on the website and uploading an attachement about your Student ID will be necessary. The form can be found after clicking the Bejelentkezés/Regisztráció button on the website. 

Hold on, you are almost done. The upcoming step will be an e-mail written to Botond Herendi (, our partner at Y Diák Iskolaszövetkezet. He will be at your service in everything. As a student from Budapest, you can sign the required documents in the office by yourself. The address is: Budapest, Radnóti MIklós u. 2. III. Floor, 1337. Worry not if you aren't located in the capital, thanks to the modern system of Y Diák Iskolaszövetkezet, you can sign the needed permits online, through DocuSign. 

Here you are, this is the last step, a medical examination. You may ask yourself, why is it needed?
According to Hungary's labour regulations and standards, the employer (Y Diák Iskolaszövetkezet) may obligate their employees to have a medical check about their health. The referral to the doctor's will be also given by them. Through the partner of Y Diák Iskolaszövetkezet you can get yourself checked fast and cheap, it will only cost you 2000 Ft. If you aren't located in Budapest, your referral will be sent to you through e-mail after signing the contracts you received.  

That's all, if you are done, the last thing you have to do is to upload the fresh contract received from Y Diák Iskolaszövetkezet and we will activate you as soon as we checked everything!