After completing the onboarding process at Wolt, there are two possible scenario. First, if you are from Budapest, you have the chance for personal administration, they can be found on the address below:
1052 Budapest, Piarista u.4.

If you aren't located in Budapest, the next thing you will have to do is to write an e-mail to the following address: The e-mail's content should be information about the successful application. 
Following that, Jobb Kezek will reply with an e-mail containing three documents you have to fill within 2-3 weekdays.

As a second step, you will have to fill the document called entry form:

This document asks for your basic informations for example:

Birth place and date, Address, Phone number and E-mail address.

Moreover, giving your tax number will be necessary and also your hungarian health insurance card will be asked for.

For your payment, you will have to submit your bank account number aswell.

Lastly, uploading a photo about your Student Card will be required. 

The last two documents you will have to submIt will be the Membership agreement and the agent contract. You will have less work with them compared to the first one, as they require less items to be given. 

However, it might be confusing as the two documents are similar considering the data you have to submit. 


As soon as you are finished filling these out, the very last thing you will have to do is uploading the Megbízási Szerződés and contacting our support, both can be done through the Wolt Partner application.