Welcome to Quantum School Cooperative!

What we guarantee you:

  • 100% digital process- you can do it from your phone, without waiting and without interruption, in 6 minutes!

  • We provide you with continuous and accurate information at every point of the process.

  • We pay for the cost of your medical examination, with the help of our national network of partner doctors we’re making the process as quick and easy as possible!

  • Our online app allows you to keep track of your hours, access your contracts and see how much you've earned and when!

    If you have any questions, please contact us at
    info@qdiak.hu or call +3630 130 3683.

To work with us at Wolt, you can register here

Here's the process:

  1.  After giving your name and e-mail address, we will send an invitation to your e-mail address, which will allow you to access the platform.

  2. You need to fill in the necessary information to sign the contract, then with one click you can apply to join the school cooperative!

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  3. We will email you the prepared contract, which you can sign electronically with just a few clicks!

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  4. Before you start work, you must have a medical examination and you will also need a medical record book. We'll give you details of how to do this.

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  5. As a last step, upload your contract to the Wolt app!