There are many impressions to be made during shipping. In addition to good experiences, there will also be some that make transportation difficult. It's important to understand that occasional disruptions are often unpredictable. They can reappear again and again, they are part of everyday life. You will not be the best courier because you are fast, but you will respond professionally to every situation, pay attention to the details, keep your positivity and look for the solution in different situations instead of being nervous.

You may encounter the following obstacles during shipping:

Unexpected waiting in the restaurant

We built the Wolt platform with a lot of smart algorithms to save time for our customers, restaurants and, of course, the couriers using the platform. However, the system continues to be operated by humanoids and due to the human factor, errors and delays can sometimes occur.

Although restaurants that ship via Wolt can tell you exactly when they can make a batch of batches, there are some that are slipping away. If this happens and the app shows a minuscule time, then go to the restaurant and POLITELY ask how long it will take before they are ready.

If the waiting time is short and the order is almost ready, wait a little bit so they can finish it.

If a major delay is expected, please contact Customer Support and ask for guidance.

If you already have a bundled order and your restaurant is delayed, make sure to notify the Customer Support immediately!

It's not your job to educate the restaurant. We regularly remind those restaurants who are late too often that delays can decrease customer satisfaction, so, over time, these issues are always remedied.

You can't find the customer

If you cannot find the address of the customer (or the restaurant) because the pin they set is not exactly there and / or the address is missing, always read the Comment section of the app carefully.

If you still can't find them, ask someone in the nearby or neighborhood and ask for help, directions. If you still can't find the customer, try calling them through the app.

If you still can't reach them and you've tried your best, ask the Customer Support if they can help - but keep in mind that they probably haven't even been to that address either.

Wrong address

The system always sends it to the address set by the receiver. Although each new address must be completely written down and "written down" as the customer, there may be cases where the buyer gives the wrong address. In such cases, we will need to forward the order to the correct address. Do not worry! Of course, we are compensated for the extra work. Please do not resent or be impatient with the customer. Respect every customer just as much, because every order is equally important to us.

Pin at the wrong place

You may also need to travel more than average to place an order. If this distance is really abnormally large, contact Customer Support to see if there is a closer Wolt courier who is better suited to this address. However, if we do not find one, Customer Support may ask you to start heading to the address immediately.