If you would like to change your data, you can do it on the following forms:


Bank account number, address, e-mail, registration number: wolt.me/adatok-vallalkozas

Tax ID number, taxation status, VAT: wolt.me/adatok-adozas

I'm going to work under a new entity (eg. student becoming sole-entrepreneur): wolt.me/adatok-szerzodes



Only fill out one of these forms in case you are already working for Wolt and some of your data has changed. Submit there any change in your contract details in order to register it in our system.


If you would like to change your contract type (ex you were a student and now you would like to continue as sole entrepreneur) you have to give back your gear, go offline and after a minimum 2-week long break you can start with this new contract type in the next payment cycle. Please note that cycles are between 1-15 and 16-30/31 of every month (Ex. you filled the form on the 12th of December you can start on the 1st of January)


When you change other details of your data (address, tax number) we will change it in two working days on your profile and when we made this change you will receive a confirmation email about it. Do not work until the change is made, because in this case your invoices will be issued incorrectly! It’s important that after a payment cycle ends we are not able to modify any data until the invoices of that cycle have been sent. Therefore, when a payment cycle ends send us your new data a minimum of 3 working days before, as if you fill the form later it can take a long time until you can get back to work.

In case the seat of your business/registry number/tax number changed please write us at financehungary@wolt.com and ask for a new contract.