The courier's friend is the rain. If the weather gets worse, you can expect a lot more tasks because people don't like to move out of the house so much and the amount of tips they get increases. Every Wolt courier can testify that these are the most profitable days of the year. 

What happens in the background when it is raining?

Customers don't like to go out on the street, so more people order.

They give you more tips because they know what a courier goes through to deliver their order on time.

Fewer couriers work at this time, leaving room for others to earn more.

How to deliver in rain?

  1. Be waterproof! All of our couriers are equipped with Wolt raincoats, and cyclists, motorcyclists with rain pants upon request. If you have a poncho, 2 pairs of gloves, etc. you will greatly increase your chances of staying dry.
  2. Make sure your vehicle is rain resistant: have a mudguard on your bike, brakes are OK
  3. Drive carefully because your safety is always first!
  4. Charge yourself with a lot of energy, because bad weather will just suck it out easier.