Expectations on communicating with customers have been detailed above, but beyond that, you will have ongoing, day-to-day contact with restaurant staff and Wolt customer service. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you communicate with them properly for seamless collaboration.

If you experience inappropriate attitudes of any restaurant staff, or if you notice any deficiencies in system knowledge, we kindly ask that you stay calm, be patient, and in any case send your comments to customer service. You will almost certainly be delivering from the restaurant in question, so you should avoid conflicts and let us know about the problem instead. There is a dedicated team to train restaurants and solving any restaurant related problems within the company, so you should let them take appropriate action.

You also need to know some important things about working with customer support. The team handles incoming customer messages, partner restaurant inquiries, and they are on hand to help with any incoming request, question, or problem. So it should be clear to you that it is not just you who are in a great stress out there because of traffic conditions and people with a bad day. We ask you to be patient, communicate clearly and in detail to help the customer support to help you. Please find a solution to deal with the stress that does not include communicating with customer service. This is something that is natural for us, without exception, in every conversation, so we expect it from you too.

If you fail to stick to what we have described and we receive repeated negative feedback on your delivery-related communications, and you will not be able to fix it after raising your attention for it, you can expect a contract termination.