You will experience a lot of impressions during deliveries. In addition to good experiences, there will also be some that make delivering difficult. It’s important to understand that occasional disruptions are often unpredictable. They can show up again and again, they are part of everyday life. You will not be the best courier because you are fast, but because you react professionally to every situation, pay attention to details, keep your positivity and look for a solution in different situations instead of nervousness.

You may encounter the following obstacles during delivering:

You have to wait in the restaurant

Wolt’s platform has been built using a ton of clever algorithms to save time for our customers, restaurants and, of course, couriers using the platform. At the same time, the system is still operated by humanoids, and errors or delays can sometimes occur due to the human factor.

While restaurants that deliver through Wolt can specify exactly when they can be ready with the order, there are times when they are delayed. If this happens and the app shows a minus time, go into the restaurant and POLITELY ask how much longer it will take to get it done.

If the delay is small and your order is expected to be ready soon, wait until it is ready.

If a major delay is expected, notify customer support and ask them for guidance.

If you already have an order and the restaurant is late, be sure to notify customer support immediately!

It is not your job to educate restaurants. We regularly draw the attention of notoriously late restaurants to the fact that delays can be frustrating for shoppers, so over time, these problems are always remedied.

You can't find the customer

If you can't find the customer's (or restaurant's) address because the pin you put isn't exactly where it should be and / or the address is incomplete, always read the Comment section within the app carefully.

If you still can't find it, ask a passer-by or a local and ask him for help and directions. If you still can't find the customer, try calling through the app.

If the customer is not available when you arrive with the food:

-Try to call, if you still can't reach them, ask customer service for help!

-If they can't reach the customer either, wait 5 minutes from scheduled dropoff time to see if the customer comes up!

-If the 5 minutes have passed and there is still no information about the customer, you can go on with the permission of the customer service, but you still have to keep the food in your bag for 30 minutes!

-If the 30 minutes have elapsed and the buyer does not report, you can get rid of the food.

If the buyer entered the wrong address:

-Ask customer service for help and follow their guidelines!

-Of course we will compensate you for the extra distance you have taken!

Long pickup distance

You may also need to travel more than average to pick up an order. If this distance is indeed abnormally large, write to customer support to see if there is a closer Wolt courier who is more suited to this address. However, if they do not find one, please start getting to the address immediately.

What should I do if the customer says that the food is damaged or something is missing?

It is important to know that you are the courier, it is not your responsibility to settle any disputes. We ask you not to start a dispute with the given customer, because this may even lead to termination of the contract.

In this case, politely ask the customer to contact customer support. The arrangement of such cases is precisely their job. Also, after asking the customer, you yourself write to customer service what happened and wait for their instruction. You may be asked to go back for the missed order, but they may also be sent another courier, in which case you can go to the next task.