Our goal is common: we want to make all our partners as happy as possible. We want all customers, couriers or restaurants to be satisfied and orders to be delivered to their destination as quickly as possible.

There are stronger hours when there are more tasks, but there are also periods when fewer orders arrive. You’ll have a day when you get plenty of tips, but there will also be a day when you barely collected anything at the end of the day. There are orders when everything goes fleet, but there can also be situations where you have to wait in the restaurant to get the order.

It’s important to always look at the results for one or more weeks, or rather a month, to get a better understanding of the situation!

  • Calm Communication - The secret to success is to be able to stay calm and communicate appropriately in all situations.

  • Feedback - On the roads, you are our eyes and ears at the same time. If you have any feedback or remarks, do not keep it to yourself, but let us know through the feedback window that pops up at the end of your daily deliveries.

  • Notifications - We send regular notifications through the app, often short-term, e.g. daily bonuses - it’s important that you don’t miss out on these, so always read them carefully. If you accidentally “drag” one away, you can always go back to them and read them through the support menu.

  • Standby - Make sure in all situations:
    • Have your phone and vehicle charged. We strongly recommend that you use a power bank so that your phone never runs out
    • Be charged with energy so you can stay focused while on the move
    • Follow the traffic rules