Wolt Drive allows customers to order from shops that are not on the Wolt platform but have their own webshop. The order is not placed on our platform, but Wolt provides a courier for delivery. This means that customers who are not registered on Wolt can also place orders.

What is the difference between Drive and normal orders? 

Drive orders fall under a different set of rules set by the NMHH. This includes the forms that need to be filled in when picking up and dropping off. Delivery without these forms is a serious breach of the rules.

The Drive order cannot be left at the address of the customer, as the presence of the customer is necessary for the delivery!

What does the pickup look like?

When you receive a Drive order, it will look almost the same in the courier app as a regular restaurant or retail order.

In the courier app, you won't see the three-digit (#357) order number, but a longer set of numbers, compared to regular orders. For example (#123456789). These packages will always have some kind of unique Wolt mark on them. 

Once you arrive at the pick-up point, you don't need to select the items, instead you can pick up the package by opening a link and matching a few details. You can always find this form in the courier app, under pickup details. Only leave with the package if you're done with that! 

What does it look like to drop off the package?

When you arrive at the delivery address, you will also need to fill in a form with the customer's details. You can also find this in the courier app, under the details of the customer's address. Here you'll need to enter some details, including the customer's ID number. It's very important that you only hand over the package after verifying the identity!

By not doing so, you could be in serious breach of the NMHH rules above, so please pay extra attention! 

What should you do if there is a problem during the delivery? 

If you can't reach the customer and you've tried to call twice, write to support and they'll help you. If they still can't reach the customer, return the product to the store after waiting 5 minutes. Of course you will be compensated for the return trip, this will be handled by support. After filling in a return form in the shop, you will have nothing else to do.

If you have any other problems, contact the support team!