In case you can't find the customer's address and you asked everybody around you to get proper information, as an alternative you may call the customer to ask for further directions.

Wolt has a system to ensure customer and courier partner privacy and connect you with the customer through a central phone number. In case you dial the customer, you won't see their number rather you will be able to call a proxy phone number. Currently, the following area codes are supported hence if the customer has a phone number from one of the following countries, your outgoing call will go through the proxy.

+1United States
+44United Kingdom

In case of any problems, please check:

  • Whether your telephone number is set in our system because the proxy needs to identify your number in order to connect it with the actual customer's line.
  • Whether sending your caller ID is allowed on your phone. (You can easily test it by calling one of your friends or our customer support)
  • If you have 2 SIM cards in your phone then the right one is set for outgoing calls.