Therefore, as in previous years, we have prepared for you a little help.

It's getting colder and colder every day, and even those who ride on two wheels face more challenges. 

If you buy hand warmers/leg covers through our partner (see below), or even both in a set, we will credit you with the price after the specified number of deliveries has been completed within the given time.

General details:

The promotion lasts indefinitely or while stocks last.

The ordered product must be paid in advance, directly to our partner.

We credit the price of a maximum of 1 product or 1 set per person.

You can order your equipment until 21 Janua at the latest, after which it will no longer be possible, but the addresses you can collect until 31 March.

Prices are gross prices.

The product can be picked up in Budapest, or it can also be requested at a Fox Post machine, the fee for this is +HUF 1,141

You can place your order at

When ordering, it is essential that you provide your name, phone number, and the type of your vehicle. (In the case of motorbikes and scooters, the brand and the type are required!)

Also, don't forget to enter your billing address and, in the case of ordering a package, the number of the parcel machine.

You can send us the invoice for the product you have purchased by following this link:

Price of products and required dropoff:

Hand warmer - Bicycle HUF 7,000 - 800 dropoff

Hand warmer - Motorcycle/scooter - HUF 8,000 - 800 dropoff

Motorcycle leg cover - universal - HUF 20,000 - 1 000 dropoff

Motorcycle leg cover - vehicle specific - HUF 23,000 - 1 000 dropoff

Motorcycle hand warmer + universal leg cover set - HUF 28,000 - 1 200 dropoff

Motorcycle hand warmer + vehicle-specific leg cover set - HUF 31,000 - 1 200 dropoff

We can answer any further questions at