You can opt-in for these items by signing up on the following form. 

Opt-in for extra-deposit gear 

Please also note the following: 

  • The mentioned gear is limited, you might have to wait weeks before we call you to come in for it. 
  • Upon taking them, an extra deposit will be placed on your profile. (Scooter Box: 40.000 HUF, Taxi Sign: 25.000 HUF) 

Marketing bonus:

At the beginning of each month, the system starts a counter and gives you an extra 10.000 HUF upon reaching your hundredth delivery. The taxi sign counts car-deliveries and the scooter box counts scooter/motorbike deliveries separately. Please note that the bonus is just one time only.

(from July 2022, bonus is eligible every city except Budapest)