Scientists and authorities around the world are monitoring the spread of the virus and no food-borne infection has been reported so far, so according to EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) guidelines, we will continue to serve our customers with increasing attention.

It is important that if you notice any symptoms of illness (cough, increase in heat, fever, headache, sudden swelling), stop delivering immediately and consult a doctor. If a viral illness happens within your family or neighborhood, or someone arrives at your surroundings from a country that has been recently added to the no-entry list (Italy, China, South Korea, Iran), suspend work for 2 weeks for your own and others safety.

More and more misconceptions and misinformation are circulating about the virus. Do not fall for any news other than what you get from us or read on WHO. Here is also a list of the most common misconceptions (in English).


Continue to pay special attention to hygiene! Wash your hands often and clean the bag several times a day (morning-evening). If the food is not properly packed, please inform the restaurant and customer service and make sure not to touch the food but the bag you receive it in. Always keep your order in your bag. Also avoid handshaking and contact with others while working. Don't forget to regularly use disinfectant to clear your hands while working.


You can still enter the office only by appointment. Please pay attention to arriving in the given timeslots as we cannot guarantee entry for those arriving earlier or later. After entering the door, look for the package with your name on it and only take that. If you brought back something, put it back to the place where your package was. Get your gears quickly and minimize contact with any colleague who might be there!

Your need for equipment has to have a good reason: your basic equipment is incomplete or unusable. Do not change equipment for the reason that you do not like the particular model of jacket / bag! If functional, we still do not intend to replace them or issue another one. In addition, the issuance of Wolt taxi signs and motor boxes are suspended for an indefinite period of time.

We are committed to ensure that Wolt employees can do their jobs from home as soon as possible, so if you have any questions or problems, rely on customer support as you will not find us in the office. It is important that you understand that these measures are in your best interest, so you really should only schedule time for equipment administration that is essential to your job.


As always, please always read the customers' comments within the courier partner application and act accordingly. 

Starting today, customers can use a new contactless transfer feature within the app. This provides them with a non-contact delivery option, which reduces the risk of infection. To avoid any confusion, if you deliver such an order, please take a picture of it as soon as you have placed the package at the place requested by the customer, be it front of a door, window sill or door handle. The picture does not have to be sent to customer service, unless requested later.

You can recognize such orders by the NO CONTACT DELIVERYin the comment as shown in the picture below:


From July on, the No Contact Deliveries (NCD) aren't turned on for customers by default. Hence, in case someone turns if on, please take extra attention! This default setting stays until further notice.

In case a customer chooses NCD option during his/her delivery, then please pay attention to the following for being efficient and successful:

  1. To find the correct address:
  • Read the full information in the information field at the customer’s address. You can do this by clicking on blue plus sign next to the NO-CONTACT DELIVERY text. If you can't understand it, don't hesitate to use Google Translate or ask the customer support to translate it for you.
  • Always make sure you leave the food in the right place (in the right building, right staircase and right floor and door).
  • Never leave the food just somewhere unless you are 100% sure you are in the right place!
  • If there is anything that unclear about the address or where to place the order, please call the customer!
  • Only contact the customer support if you have completed all of the above and have any remaining questions.

2. Once you have arrived at the address and identified the customer’s door:

  • Place the order in front of the door
  • Call the customer or knock gently and step back 2 meters
  • If you can’t reach the customer, make sure to TAKE A PICTURE of where you placed the order before you go

3. If the customer comes out, then:

  • Put the bag to the ground, open it and place the order on the top of it
  • Step back 2 meters and ask to take the order out of the bag

!!Very important: If the customer can’t find the order, we’ll ask for the picture you made. If the picture is missing or it is impossible to identify the customer’s entrance it might have consequences.

Please help to ensure that all contactless deliveries run smoothly, especially because these rules are also for your protection!