Communicating well with customers is crucial to the company's perception and quality of service and, in the long run, also affects the number of orders that can affect your earnings. Therefore, it is very important that you avoid disputes, do not talk disrespectfully to the customers, and do not intimidate or harass them in any way. What's funny to you is not necessarily funny for someone else.

Another sensitive issue is the customer information available to you during delivery.

It is strictly forbidden to save, share or re-use it in any form beyond the time of delivery. Do not contact customers in any form (in person, by phone, online) after completing your order. You have great apps for dating, the Wolt Courier App is not one of them. The regulations on personal data protection have recently changed and become more stringent, so it is worth taking it seriously.

After delivery to the door, it is also worth making sure that you never enter the customer's home or private area without the customer's permission. In these cases, the applicable laws protect the private property owner much more effectively in a possible proceeding.

Based on the above mentioned, it is strictly forbidden to make the profile you use within the Wolt Courier App available to third parties.

If you fail to comply with the above and in the contract mentioned, we will not be able to continue working together.