How to communicate with the customer support?

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The Customer Support handles all incoming messages from the customers, from the restaurants, and from the couriers at the same time. They are always there to help, and their main task is to be able to resolve ongoing issues as quickly as possible. That is why, when they are asked for help, you should write to them as soon as possible, but with as much useful and necessary information as possible.

If you can't reach the buyer, always write down what the problem is, which buyer and order you are in, where you are right now. They can see them too, but they can help you a lot faster if you don't have to choose from hundreds of orders. It's in your best interest to get to the next address sooner.


“Hi, what's the matter?"
"I'm here at 58 Király Street, where I got Levente Erős's order, but he didn't write a doorbell or pick up the phone, what should I do? Thanks!"

Respect for each other

In all cases, creating and maintaining a professional atmosphere is a priority.

Our common goal is to deliver your orders on time and well, which is very important for communication, but stay professional. Although our customer service colleagues and colleagues are very helpful and direct, please do not invite them to date or inquire about their privacy. A professional courier is the best courier.

Short conversations

Once you have a solution to the problem, close the conversation as soon as possible. Unfortunately, customer service does not have the time to chat for hours, as others need to be constantly assisting. Otherwise, you can get help sooner or later.

Stay informed!

You will find a wealth of useful and essential information in this FAQ. Be sure to read it before asking general questions!

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