There are several myths, misconceptions and conspiration theories regarding Wolt's task distribution algorithms. We have collected some of this misinformation so that we can clarify them.

  • Tasks are assigned with a bigger chance to couriers being on a shift
  • Tasks are assigned with a bigger chance to couriers not being on a shift
  • You always get exactly the same number of titles (19,29, etc ...) so that you can't unlock the next bonus level
  • In the first weeks, you don't get as many titles as the others
  • The system sends you back from where the pickup task has been started
  • Rounding 1-2 meters is always cheated
  • You are waiting empty in front of the restaurant, but you don't get the task because the algorithm is evil/lame/unstable/manually controlled

Only the current location of the couriers are taken into account during task allocation. We do not look at business case when assigning tasks, because we want to maximize profits by saving money for you. By delivering as soon as possible we can together achieve a higher customer experience and get more orders from our customers.

The algorithm is not evil, it's not against you and it has no business interests. It wants to help you by getting all your tasks to their destinations as quickly and efficiently as possible. Much depends on how many active orders are in the system at the same time and where they are heading. There are some very quick and good ones, and there are some less fortunate ones. Sometimes you get unfavorable orders, but these are purely coincidental. Don't allow yourself to become sad by cherrypicking the worst examples, even if they can leave a deep impression in you for a while.