Customers have the opportunity to give tips within the app when they place an order. The tip will be visible 1 hour after  the completion of the task, so you do not know if a tip was given by the customer when you hand over his/her order. It's good to smile and be nice to everyone, because you never know when your greatest donor will be facing you! (However you shouldn't only smile because of this...)

Of course, customers can give their tips in cash, which Wolt has nothing to do with. However, we strongly request that you do not exhibit any behavior that makes the customer feel that he or she should give a tip. On one hand, he/she may have already given it through the app, you are just not aware of it, and on the other hand, it may result in extremely unpleasant situations that customers will later associate with Wolt and criticise us.

Wolt accepts only credit card payments and all orders are already paid, but customers sometimes forget this and they want to pay for their order in cash. If the tip given to you is much larger than expected, or comparable to the value of the order, please politely remind the customer that the order is already paid, is he/she sure about giving such a high tip amount.