If you want to earn a lot, it’s extremely worth to go online on the 1st and 16th of each month all day, because you can expect a much busier day than an average day, with more deliveries, and a lot more bundled tasks.

What is the reason behind this?

Recently, a phenomenon appeared, that fewer couriers like to go out and work on the two days mentioned in the title, presumably due to Wolt’s two-week billing and payment periods. The two days mentioned in the title are the first days of our billing cycles, and the days before are the last days of the previous cycle, when everyone tries to work as hard as they can to get as much money as possible 10 days later.

The opposite of this is that couriers like to take the 1st and 16th as a day off, as they can only have the money they earn on these days much later. 

Those who work these days, on the other hand, do extremely well, because if the same amount of daily orders have to be delivered by fewer couriers, everyone will uniformly deliver out more orders and earn better than on an average day.